Many years ago I was leaning out of my little house as usual telling stories to a lovely group of children and adults. Somewhere in the crowd was a little girl called Tilly Lunken. She and her mother really enjoyed my stories and have always remembered and treasured that special time they had with me. How do I know this? Because she said so herself just the other day!

Tilly now is a writer! She loves telling stories too. Here is a photo of her getting ready to tell a story with puppets. Tilly is working on a new show and had a showing as part of the HATCH festival at Little Angel Theatre in London. I’m so happy to see you doing the same thing that I enjoy doing so much. Keep up the great work and never stop having fun.

Tilly Lunken

Tilly Lunken


Denmark! Not the country, the Australian town

This weekend I went down to the town of Denmark in the South West of Australia, bordering the magnificent forests and the amazing coastline.

I meet myself in human form!

I used my travelling suitcase to help me get about on Strickland St as the good people of Denmark delighted in all sorts of stalls and activities.

sitting on my suitcaseMy very good friend Rachel accompanied me on my perambulations and helped me tell stories to the eager and willing people.

with RachelThere were quite a few very unusual people there, is it the air, or is it the water?

the stare!

The Stare!

I’ve collected an Australian story from the Dreamtime of the indigenous australians, the original inhabitants of this land before the Europeans came. How the Kookaburra got it’s Laugh.


My Christmas Cracker tomorrow in Preston

Come and see me at the New Continental down by the river in Preston Town Centre tomorrow at 1pm. It’s only a short walk from Preston station, and the trains are all running fine now.

Even if you choose to drive, Preston is only 30 minutes from Manchester, Liverpool and Lancaster so there’s no excuse not to come, really.

I had a brilliant time today with Rachel down the New Continental with stories and songs for a lovely audience of all ages. I made the ladies giggle, Rachel parcelled the children up in a giant Christmas bow, Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer appeared and we all cheered when his Christmas dream came true.


With the kids at the New Continental, Christmas 2010

Lancashire Life

Thurtinkle Xmas time

I'm back at school!

Upon my return to the frozen wasteland that is Great Britain in Winter, from sunnier climes in Perth, Western Australia, I paid a visit to the lovely Cureden School in Bamber Bridge, Lancashire.

The infants (that’s years one,two and three) were having a christmas party.

Riding on the shoulders of my trusty steed Rebecca, I had a lovely natter with the children and we made up a story together of Santa in Australia, wearing nowt but a pair of red boardies biting into a pie while delivering presents only to find it full of witchety grub worms!



Dr who tweetstory

You can contribute to this story at any time by tweeting with the hashtag #taats and adding a sentence.
thurtinkle thurtinkle

A strange groaning noise accompanied the gradual appearance of a blue police box. the poice box settled into the mud. a large canadian moose stared.

‘Oh! Canada! That home and native land!’ sang the Doctor as he stepped forth. ‘Ton front est ceint de fleurons glorieux!’

Amy Pond, clutching a cup of coffee, with a balloon strung through her hair, eyed the mud and the moose warily.

The Doctor called back as he strode off ‘Come on Pond!’ Let’s see a 19th century lumberjack, a fur trapper, or maybe a mountie!’
Amy called back into the TARDIS ‘Rory, can you fetch the wellies please? We’ve landed in 19th century Canada.’
‘Let’s watch the treaty between the British Crown and seven chiefs of the Ojibway and Swampy Cree at Fort Garry.’ said the Doctor.
Native canadian
Before long, the Doctor, Amy and Rory were enjoying a hearty breakfast in Lower Fort Garry, Manitoba, 1871.

A story from Kuching

I’m feeling better now and found a wonderful story told in stone on the riverfront in Kuching in Borneo.

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