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@Artsthink “How can we support artists even better and sustain the extraordinary arts we have?” #achievinggreatartforeveryone

@hannahnicklin¬† “Would you really believe that in an era of tick boxes & statistics previous governments had just thrown money at the arts without justification?”

The arts in the UK is a bit like the sciences – there are some extremely erudite, educated and interesting thinkers out there who create work for the ‘illumined’. There are also passionate and committed eccentrics who can only speak through that which they create.There are those who are a bit of both.

We artists are constantly experimenting and exploring. We are interested in process, and what results from that process may or may not have ‘value’ to the wider public, and those who experience those results may become more interested in the process, and get more ‘value’, or they may choose not to. They may even participate in the process or emulate it. That is a result.

However, to support the arts, you must support the process and not expect a result or a product. This is to me a very important distinction. Find the process that excites you and support it. If you have money, support it financially, if not, with enthusiasm. Don’t measure the results. It’s not about that. In the end, after 50-100 years, there may be something to measure, but not when the process is happening. The most fundamental question is, am I interested in this? Does this speak to my passions and my aesthetics? If it does, pay attention and hand over the cash.

Fairbridge Festival, Pinjarra, Western Australia

I’ve been to the fabulous Fairbridge Festival, near Pinjarra in Western Australia. I had a great time enjoying the atmosphere, performances, stalls, music and food. Here I find a troupe of Morris Dancers and encourage an adult to ride on the shoulders of children. Just like I did.

Fremantle Busker’s Festival

Hello all. I’ve just come back from having a great day taking in the sun and wind, the atmosphere and the excitement of the Fremantle Street Performance festival. Here’s a video of me having a chat with Jasper of The Chipolatas


Northbridge Piazza, Perth, Western Australia

I’ve managed to get out and visit Northbridge to visit the piazza where a new free wifi network has been launched. It’s luvvly here!

Riding a bus in Brunei

Here I am off on my travels in Borneo. I filmed this one a while ago and then forgot to post it as I was so excited by the Step In lodge when I arrived. Anyway, hope you like it.

I’m settling into Australia, though it was so hot when I arrived I had to live underground for a week!
Perth, Western Australia is lovely and I’ve started to explore the city. I’ll post another travel video soon I hope.

I’m where? Down Under?

Well, here I am in the land down under, and I’d forgotten all about it. I’d been dreaming about chip butties and yourkhire pudding with gravy and I wake up in the land of meat pies and chico rolls.

A story from Kuching

I’m feeling better now and found a wonderful story told in stone on the riverfront in Kuching in Borneo.

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