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thurtinkle thurtinkle

A strange groaning noise accompanied the gradual appearance of a blue police box. the poice box settled into the mud. a large canadian moose stared.

‘Oh! Canada! That home and native land!’ sang the Doctor as he stepped forth. ‘Ton front est ceint de fleurons glorieux!’

Amy Pond, clutching a cup of coffee, with a balloon strung through her hair, eyed the mud and the moose warily.

The Doctor called back as he strode off ‘Come on Pond!’ Let’s see a 19th century lumberjack, a fur trapper, or maybe a mountie!’
Amy called back into the TARDIS ‘Rory, can you fetch the wellies please? We’ve landed in 19th century Canada.’
‘Let’s watch the treaty between the British Crown and seven chiefs of the Ojibway and Swampy Cree at Fort Garry.’ said the Doctor.
Native canadian
Before long, the Doctor, Amy and Rory were enjoying a hearty breakfast in Lower Fort Garry, Manitoba, 1871.

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