Twitter an Audio Story with Neil Gaiman!

“Starting October 13 at Noon EST, Neil Gaiman (known as @Neilhimself) will launch a special round-robin interactive storytelling experience. He’ll tweet the first line of the story and then the rest is up to you! Just login to your Twitter account (registration is free) to continue the story. “
This is from the BBC Audio books America Blog. That’s so fantastic that the concept of ‘Tweet at a time story’ is taking off! I’ll be following what happens with this very carefully, and hoping to keep in touch with Neil Gaiman on his experiences of making sense of the tweets.
The first couple of times were really exciting for me with this concept and the Sunday before my plinth appearance, August 30th 2009, we put together a brilliant story using the hashtag #taats. It’s my first blogpost on this blog, but at the time I didn’t make a note of all the people who contributed to this story.

It inspires me to keep at it and have another go, as the concept really seems to be taking off.


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  1. Ceri
    Oct 12, 2009 @ 16:20:30

    Contributing to the first tweet-at-a-time story (using my wafuku twitter ID) for your plinth hour was fun, as was hearing it online when you were on the plinth.
    I am curious to see how Gaimen starts the new one off. What will the hashtag be?

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