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OK, this happened on the 13th of September 2009, and we didn’t complete it. Hope to finish it off on the 20th. The trending topics will be completely different! How to resolve this….

Derren Brown and Jay-Z’s dog.

thurtinkle Once upon a New Moon, Jay-Z was walking down the street thinking about the latest episode of True Blood. braincoffee So preoccupied was he, that he did not notice that his dog had stopped in its tracks and had begun to growl. thurtinkle Who should come along just then but… Derren Brown! jamescappio Derren Brown greeted him warmly:

“From the way your dog growls, I can see it was trained by Michael Vick!”

thurtinkle Jay-Z replies “Nah man, he’s growling at you. I’m going to the VMAs and you’re in my way”

jamescappio Derren Brown replies: “I remember Tupac–the VMAs were so much better when he was alive”

thurtinkle “Jay-z says to Derren Brown ‘#Ihatewhengirlssay I’m not as fit as him. #IrememberTupac as well mingin'”

braincoffee Derren to JZ: ‘You may be headin’ to the VMAs, but I swear I just saw Tupac hangin’ at the Redskins game!bilbobaggins2k He would have come to the VMAs, but he was stuck to his seat in the stadium for some bizarre reason

thurtinkle Jay-Z didn’t know that Derren Brown had been planning a scheme seeming to bring Tupac back from the dead.

@mdsnbelle Even though Kanye West thought Beyonce had the best back from the dead scheme of all time. OF ALL TIME.

bilbobaggins2k Like Jay-Z said, It wasn’t as if Derren Brown had actually killed anyone, was it…. or was it? thurtinkle Derren had been working on the Tupac thing for over a year. The whole Jackson thing had nearly made him cancel, but he had to go on bilbobaggins2k He’d considered the whole Patrick Swayze/Ghost thing, but he never really liked Demi Moore so gave that one up too before it ended in tears and modeling clay.

thurtinkle Jay-Z thought ‘Screw the VMAs, I gotta see if the whole Tupac at the Redskins game rumour is true’ He turned to Derren Brown and bilbobaggins2k his pet giraffe (Frank) he’d acquired recently at Hamleys.


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