First Tweet at a time Story

The following is a story that I asked people to help me make up on Twitter. It was a week before my big appearance on the plinth in Trafalgar Square and I wanted to test out the idea. I told this story during my hour on the plinth

‘Health and Safety Man’

H&SguyOnce upon a time there was a girl named Minibeast who held court over her many minions but she had a secret. She was in fact desperately in love with a handsome plinther.

She loved him from afar and tried desperately to communicate with him but it was a forbidden love, even for someone as powerful as her. Letting him know of her love, letting anyone know, risked banishment or even death. The handsome plinther was cursed to be alone until he found his one true love. Then she thought of a way to communicate… through the movement of the cameras of the droids! She tweeted their help. She knew he would watch his archive footage over and over, eventually working out her code. Minibeast and her minions coerced Myrtle to obey through cajoling, begging and bribery to dance the cameras to her tune.

Mildroid, a web camera worker, who once filled in for an absent plinther, agreed to help her cause too. Health and safety man viewed his plinth archive from dozens of  angles, until finally with subtle clues from Mildroid, Health and Safety man worked out the code. Minibeast’s love was known! However, she found her love for that plinther waning; her heart now belonged to Mildroid. The man who had told that drunken Yorkshire man to ‘f**k off’ was truly the man for her.

Torn between Health and Safety man and Mildroid, Minibeast had to listen to her heart and make a decision. Minibeast threw herself into the arms of Mildroid, and Health and Safety Man threw himself from the plinth. Suddenly, the feed from the plinth came to an abrupt halt.  They were never seen again but, now and then, shots of remote and romantic places were seen on the site’s plinth feed .Mildroid & minibeast lived happily ever after, as did Health and Safety guy who landed in the net where he met and fell in love with Security Woman.



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