First story

To begin with, here’s a story I made up for my time on the 4th plinth in Trafalgar Square, London as part of Antony Gormley’s ‘One and Other’ project. I told this story while I was up there:

Ziggy, Stardust and the Spiders from Mars

Look Out! Spiders from Mars!

Look Out! Spiders from Mars!

Once upon a time there were some creatures who lived inside a box. This box stood beside a beautiful fountain in the middle of a square in London, just  beside the river Thames. These creatures watched screens, recording footage from cameras. One was called Ziggy, one was called Stardust and one was a little spider who had a secret.

The spider loved making webs. Every day it made a new web, each one more elaborate than the last. Ziggy and Stardust were constantly having to brush the spider’s webs away from the screens in their efforts to peer into the outside world, recording footage.

Soon the spider was forced to start making webs on the outside of the box, and the people of London passing by on the street would often stop to exclaim in wonder at the beautiful webs created by the little spider.

Meanwhile, inside the box, Stardust started to decorate one part of the web with strips of silver and colours of gold. Ziggy, too, chose another part and began decorating that with rbbons the colours of the rainbow.

The spider kept making more and more webs until the whole of London, and then all of the U.K. was covered with web. This busy little spider became a super webspinner and within a year the entire plant was covered with a world wide web.

Stardust had started to decorate her silver and gold website with the faces of people she had recordedfrom her screen. People from all over the world wanted to put their faces on Stardust’s site. She began to call it her facebook. Ziggy played guitar, and invited bands and musicians onto his rainbow coloured website, which he called his myspace. Flocks of birds started to land on the web, tweeting and twittering to each other along the webstreams.

The little spider had been busy making a single strand of web float higher and higher in to the sky. Soon it flew into the upper atmosphere, and then floated out into space! The web now reached all the way to the moon.

Ziggy and Stardust started to nip the strands of web, twanging it with their teeth, sending bites back and forth between their sites. These bites travelled all over the web and soon the web was humming with bites from everywhere. A system of communication was set up called eat mail or email for short. All these emails and twanging webstrands were making the web heat up. Soon the email became hotmail. Peaople started baking on the web, covering it with cookies. Feeling hungry, Ziggy opened a can of spiced meat. While chomping he was still emailing and in no time at all he’d put his Spam all over the web.

The spider now made its most daring journey yet. Using the long strand of web between the Earth and the Moon as a slingshot, it launched itself far out into space all the way to the planet Mars. This was the little spider’s secret – it ws from an alien race of spiders living on Mars. Now millions of spiders started swarming onto the web determined to invade the planet Earth! Desperately, Ziggy and Stardus sent more and more hotmail getting more and more replies until the messages caught on fire. Ziggy and Stardust could now send flame-mail all over the world wide web, and soon the whole of the web was on fire. The webcrawlers from Mars were flung out into space and were never seen again.

The creatures who lived in a box beside a fountain in a central London square had saved the world.



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